Information for Dentists: Change Healthcare’s Cyberattack

Mar 19, 2024
The Texas Dental Association (TDA) has been tracking the Change Healthcare cyberattack since it happened on February 21, 2024. We understand that the cyberattack is preventing some dentists from sending electronic claims and attachments to insurance companies to receive payment. The American Dental Association (ADA) encourages impacted dentists to watch for communications from vendors and payers concerning the resumption of services. Affected dentists should explore alternatives such as utilizing payer portals or phone options to verify a patient’s eligibility and benefits and request alternative clearinghouse options from vendors. Alternatively, affected dentists may need to use paper claim forms until services are reinstated. To see the ADA’s list of curated resources, visit:

For Texas Medicaid dentists, TDA spoke with DentaQuest, MCNA Dental, and United Healthcare Dental and has information about what each company is doing to assist Medicaid dental providers who may be impacted by the Change Healthcare breach. For more details, visit: