Legislative Team

TDA's Department of Legislative, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs seeks to preserve the integrity of Texas dentistry in the public policy-making area. In addition to serving as staff legislative consultants, policy experts, and liaisons to the Council on Legislative, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs, the Council on Dental Licensing, Standards and Education, the Council on Professions and Trends, and the Council on Public Health and Access to Care, the department is responsible for monitoring legislation and regulations affecting dentistry. The staff monitors the Dental Practice Act and rules of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, Health and Human Services Commission, Department of State Health Services, and other state and federal agencies.

Jess Calvert
Director of Legislative
and Regulatory Affairs
512-443-3675 ext. 132
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Diane Rhodes
Senior Policy Manager
512-443-3675 ext. 122
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Staci Rives
PAC Coordinator/
Policy Analyst
512-443-3675 ext. 123
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Susan Ross
Legislative Consultant

Nora Del Bosque
Legislative Consultant