Fluoride StickerCommunity Water Fluoridation Facts and Strategy

The Community Fluoride Committee has created this interactive web tool as a way to make information and resources accessible to component societies or individual members when community water fluoridation questions or issues arise.

The first step that a member or component society needs to take when this issue arises is to contact the Texas Dental Association as quickly as possible. The TDA Community Fluoride Committee will provide assistance, resources, and support to help components or members promote and or defend optimum community water fluoridation as well as making sure systems that are currently fluoridating continue to do so.

  • Topic 1: The Benefits of Community Water Fluoridation
  • Topic 2: Does Your Society Proactively Support Community Water Fluoridation?
  • Topic 3: How Can I Monitor Changes to Local Water Fluoridation?
  • Topic 4: Dealing with Opposition to Fluoride in the Community
  • Topic 5: The Process of Water Fluoridation
  • Topic 6: How to Get Water Fluoridation in Your Community
  • Topic 7: Myths about Fluoride