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TDA Members Receive Exclusive Benefits:

  • Regulatory and compliance help. How do you comply with rules regulations—and know when they change? TDA keeps you up to date, and offers personal assistance.
  • Third party payor, insurance, and Medicaid assistance. We keep you informed, and give individualized help.
  • Continuing education. Have a blast at the biggest dental meeting in the state—or find something local that fits your schedule. Your membership gets you fantastic CE options.
  • Legislative advocacy. TDA ensures member dentists can work with the legislature, so that new laws protect Texas dentists and patients.
  • Dispute resolution. TDA and component societies help dentists and patients resolve disputes, outside the courtroom.
  • Professional connections. No matter where you are in Texas, or in your career, we help you connect with colleagues to enhance your practice—and your life.
  • Helping patients find you. The ADA Find-a-Dentist tool helps patients find member dentists in their area.
  • Information resources. As a dentist, what you don’t know can hurt you. Your membership keeps you in the loop, and helps you avoid risk.
  • Life and practice resources from TDA Perks. Compliance, marketing, insurance, student loan refinancing, supplies, real estate—to name just a few. Trusted companies with members-only pricing.
  • Giving back. A chance to stand with your colleagues and help patients in need, through the TDA Smiles Foundation.

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