TDA Staff

The Texas Dental Association's central office in Austin employs a staff of 20 professionals managed by Linda Brady, TDA Executive Director.

Texas Dental Association
1946 S IH 35, Ste 400 | Austin, TX 78704
Phone 512-443-3675 |Fax 512-443-3031
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm CT

Office of the Executive Director

The executive director is responsible for the leadership and administration of the Texas Dental Association staff and daily operations. The Executive Office, in conjunction with other Departments, supports the Board of Directors, the House of Delegates, the ADA 15th Trustee District delegation, and other councils and committees.

Linda G. Brady, CAE
Executive Director
email, ext. 136

Terry D. Cornwell
Governance Manager
email, ext. 146

Donna Cortez
Executive Affairs Manager
email, ext. 139

Member Services & Administration

This department oversees member service programs, recruitment and retention initiatives, the Texas Dental Journal and TDA Today, TDA’s website, marketing and communications, IT/systems technology, as well as administrative and building management activities of the Association. Member programs consist of peer review, ethics and judicial review, third party resolution program, and the contract analysis program.

Lee Ann Johnson, CAE
email, ext. 134

Debrah Rogers
Program Manager
email, ext. 152

Rachael M. Daigle
Membership Coordinator
email, ext. 137

Amanda Reid
Membership Coordinator II
email, ext 155

Stefanie Clegg
Creative Operations Manager

Nicole Scott
Managing Editor (Consultant)


This department manages the finances of the Association, TDA Financial Services, Inc., TDA Member Benefits, Ltd., TDA Relief Fund, TDA Smiles Foundation and the Texas Mission of Mercy, Inc.  The Finance staff work with the Board of Directors of each entity, and related Board Committees to provide accurate, relevant financial and budgetary reporting along with timely cash and investment management.

Kelly Doolittle, CPA, MBA
email, ext. 124

Barb Carlson
AP Accountant
email, ext. 157

Arlene Knox
GL Accountant
email, ext. 125

Meetings and Continuing Education

The TDA Meeting

The department is responsible for the organization, coordination, and council support of all planning functions and on-site logistics for the TDA Meeting, conferences, and continuing education programs.

Shannan Cook, CMP
Director of Meetings and Continuing Education


Nicole Gilbert
Meetings & Exhibits Manager

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

This department seeks to represent and preserve the integrity of organized dentistry in the Texas legislative and regulatory arenas. The department staff implements legislative action as established by the TDA and oversees activities of state and federal agencies that impact dentists, oral health, and dental practices. The department also manages DENPAC, the Texas Dental Association Political Action Committee.


Jess Calvert
Director of Public Affairs
email, ext. 132

Diane Rhodes
Senior Policy Manager
email, ext. 122

Staci Rives
PAC Coordinator/Policy Analyst
email, ext. 123

TDA Perks Program

TDA Perks Program (Perks) is managed by TDA Financial Services, Inc. (FSI), a wholly owned affiliate of Texas Dental Association. FSI’s board of TDA members evaluates products and services, and endorses those that meet strict criteria and provide value to the membership. The program offers exclusive negotiated discounts and other benefits for TDA members, works to ensure TDA members are provided excellent customer service; and generates royalty income (through TDA member participation), which is passed to TDA as non-dues revenue.

Donovan Osio
General Manager
email, ext. 140


Teresa Kim
Multimedia Communications Manager
email, ext. 141

Josh Epstein
Marketing Specialist
email, ext. 161

Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation (TDASF)

Our mission is to improve access to dental care for the underserved of Texas and to educate the public and the profession about oral health. This is accomplished through a variety of programs including: Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM) events deliver charitable dental care through a multi-annual, traveling dental clinic all across Texas; and SMART Smiles provides preventive dental care to elementary school aged, low-income children.

Stacy Hill
Director of TDA Smiles Foundation and Texas Mission of Mercy, Inc.

Marti Bourland
Clinical Program and Volunteer Manager

Mariana Calanda
Digital Solutions and Communications Manager

Advertising, Sponsorship & Exhibitor Sales

MCI is a global engagement and marketing agency. MCI manages TDA's digital & print advertising, sponsorships, and exhibits.

Katy Lewis
Account Executive