MISSION STATEMENT: To provide support for the spouses of Texas Dental Association members through education, fellowship, and service, and to foster the positive image of organized dentistry, working in partnership with the Texas Dental Association.
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Presidents message:

LindaIt is with great appreciation that I am blessed to be your President for ATDA 2022-2023. I am grateful to be following some of the most dedicated women I have ever met. 

My theme “Rooted in Texas Dentistry” holds several meanings for me. First, let me preface my short list with “No, there are no other dentists in my family nor my husband’s”. My deep roots in dentistry started at what was then called UTDB, or University of Texas Dental Branch, the pink granite building that looked so large to me as a small 9-year-old girl. I began going there for my dental work at that age and continued until I was married at 21. The memories are as vivid as that pink granite building. At 21, I met the love of my life. Wayne had just gotten out of the United States Coast Guard. We married just 4 months after meeting. He was building fences and roofing houses. I thought I had married a carpenter. A carpenter was good in my book. He very quickly announced he wanted to attend college and study dentistry! What? He was good with his hands, from making hand carved jewelry and working with wood. I was working full time and he had the GI bill, so all was good on that front. To me, the “rooted” was born from my dental school experiences as a child to marrying that carpenter. After all those years of having different dentists, I found myself married to one of the best!  I am so proud of him, the way he serves, and how he has taught our family to do the same. Some twenty years ago, he had a special quote handwritten in calligraphy and framed for all four of our daughters. I am happy to share that quote.

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know; the only one among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve”.

The Alliance of the TDA provided me with a vehicle to do my part in promoting dentistry through service.  I was able to belong to a group of people from all over Texas willing to serve in the same way. We initially  joined to support our spouses, but it ended up being way more than that. We bridged friendships with love and respect and those resulted in a willingness to give to others our time, talents, and our compassion as an organization to others. We help bring awareness and hope to people in most need of dental care. We award scholarships to very worthy dental students who will carry on the torch our spouses have “planted” and we help our own dental families in crisis situations. Finally, we have a wonderful time together, with laughter, camaraderie, and many shared memories. We miss deeply those that have gone before us and have led us to follow a path of service and friendship. 

I would end with, “I think we are all Rooted in Texas Dentistry.” 

On a side note, Group D at UTSD graduating class of 1982 had two Dr. Roots. Perfect!!!