MISSION STATEMENT: To provide support for the spouses of Texas Dental Association members through education, fellowship, and service, and to foster the positive image of organized dentistry, working in partnership with the Texas Dental Association.
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EstesWelcome to a world of soaring butterflies, reaching for goals presented to the Alliance of the Texas Dental Association by our predecessors many years ago. As we strive to work together, may we aim toward our mission to support the Texas Dental Association through education, fellowship, and service and to foster the positive image of organized dentistry, working in partnership with the Texas Dental Association.

It is an honor and privilege to serve as ATDA President for 2023-2024. I look forward to times of fellowship, enthusiasm, excitement, and willingness to serve others. Each officer, committee chair, committee member, district president, contact and member at large play a vital role in the success of the ATDA. Every member has gifts and the ability to add strength, knowledge, and innovative ideas to help our organization soar. Let us strive to work together as we lift each other up, and utilize the talents given to each of us.

My love of butterflies is the source of my theme—LET DENTISTRY SOAR. We often see a single butterfly soaring through the air. Perhaps she is searching for milkweed on which to lay her eggs. The life cycle of a monarch and the metamorphosis which occurs is amazing! Like a single butterfly, we can accomplish our goals alone. However, during the migration of the monarch butterflies, we see the beauty of hundreds of them, soaring through the air together. We can hear the flutter of their wings as they are refreshed by the wind. They continue their journey and bless us with their beauty.

As members of the ATDA, we must continue our legacy. Let us move forward this year, to soar as we endeavor to support the dental profession and the Texas Dental Association. Let us spread our wings and emphasize the importance of dental health education, leadership, legislation, and service to others.

I became a member of the Alliance 47 years ago. At first, I was unsure of myself. After a couple of years, I was able to realize how fortunate I am to be a part of this organization. The ATDA has been a steady source of learning, friendships, encouragement, and blessings to my life. We realize the importance of holding each other up. You make me smile and help bring out the best of me. My life is brighter because of you. I am incredibly grateful and truly look forward to serving as the President of the ATDA.