MISSION STATEMENT: To provide support for the spouses of Texas Dental Association members through education, fellowship, and service, and to foster the positive image of organized dentistry, working in partnership with the Texas Dental Association.

Presidents message:

KarenDonelsonWhen I was a little girl, going to our dentist was a once a year affair.  Dr. Sertl did everything himself in a small little office with only one assistant.  While our dentist was very capable, there was no emphasis on treating patients as if they were family. Dentistry has changed tremendously in 65 years, and the most important change has been that relationships have become a key factor in our success. From the very beginning of my married life, my best friends were the dental wives in the community.  Through 4 children and 6 grandchildren, these women and their families have remained my best friends, as close as family. This last year has shown us the importance of all the relationships in our dental community.  At times it seemed like these relationships were irreparably damaged and that the pandemic was going to destroy them forever. But just as the rainbow turns the terror of the storm into something wonderful, so did the resolve of the dental community turn our relationships into something more beautiful.  Throughout the storm, the Alliance created new ways of communicating, of providing not only essential dental care but meeting the health and spiritual needs of our Texas dental family.  Every interaction became precious and every plan for the future became a reason to weather the storm. We were called on both professionally and personally to help our members. The Alliance was truly what we knew all along -a family.   As we head into this new year, we have so much to be grateful for. We look forward to enjoying the rainbow of the future.  And just as the rainbow is not complete without all its colors, the Alliance is not complete without help from all of our diverse members.  From all parts of the state, from those just starting in dentistry to those who have been our leaders for many years, we are only as strong as our joint commitment to dental education, fellowship, and service. I look forward to serving you this year and hope that we can look toward a “rainbow connection” Alliance year.

 Karen Donelson, ATDA President
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