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ADA Technical Issues Update


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TDA Update on the ADA Cybersecurity Incident
5/2/22 (sent via email to TDA Members)

As you are aware, the TDA’s website, in part, was affected by a cyberattack last week on the ADA website, which announced on April 27th that it was “the victim of a cybersecurity incident on or about April 21 and is currently executing an ongoing, active and vigorous investigation into the nature and scope of the technical difficulties in cooperation with federal authorities. The ADA recognizes unsubstantiated reports are being circulated by organizations with no connection to this investigation. The ADA is working closely with third-party cybersecurity specialists and federal authorities and will share updates as they become available.”

While we do not have detailed information, a search for “American Dental Association Data Breach” will retrieve numerous articles with additional information. The information we have received from the ADA remains limited with no estimate of when services will be restored. For additional information from the ADA, please email

A we receive additional information, we will provide updates, and have provided some information below to better understand the impact of this incident.

What is the operational impact of the cyberattack for TDA?
TDA manages our member data via the ADA’s membership management system, Aptify, which is currently shut down. Therefore, we presently have no access to the data. This also impacts your access to the members-only content on the TDA website and the ADA’s website.

What immediate steps has TDA taken to protect our member’s data?
While TDA’s IT environment is not directly affected, we have reached out to our IT consultants to ensure our internal systems remain secure. TDA is also consulting with computer forensic experts to help reduce the chances of a cyberattack to our organization. Additionally, the entire TDA staff went through cybersecurity training in February 2022.

What steps can you take to protect your practice?
Contact your IT professionals to confirm that you and your team are following best practices to protect your dental practice.

Upcoming Course on Cybersecurity Practices
In partnership with TDA Perks Partner, iCoreConnect, TDA is creating an online course on best practices in cybersecurity. The course will be available at no charge to TDA Members. It will be offered live this month and then be available on demand. A separate email will be sent with information on how to register.

Should you need specific support regarding any services currently impacted, please contact the TDA Member Services team at


Due to the ADA’s cybersecurity incident, TDA members cannot currently log into our website. Please watch your email for updates.

ADA recently experienced a cybersecurity incident that caused a temporary disruption to certain computer systems. Upon discovery, ADA immediately responded by taking affected systems offline to secure our network and commencing an investigation into the nature and scope of the disruption. ADA is working diligently to restore full and secure functionality to our network. Additionally, ADA is investigating the source of the incident and confirming the impact on ADA’s systems. ADA treats its responsibility to safeguard member information and data as an utmost priority. ADA appreciates your patience and understanding while we work to resolve the situation and apologize for any inconvenience. As the investigation continues, please direct all questions to ADA will provide relevant updates when available.

ADA Technical Issues Impacting TDA’s Website

4/23/22 (sent via email to TDA Members)

The American Dental Association (ADA) is experiencing technical issues following a cybersecurity incident. A data breach has not occurred; however, the problems are impacting member-only access to both the ADA and TDA websites.  The ADA is taking full measures to isolate the issues and has engaged outside specialists who are conducting a full analysis of the systems. While this is occurring, the ADA has shut down and isolated all systems until the situation is fully resolved.

Once the systems are fully operational again, we will notify all TDA members. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while the ADA works to resolve this issue.