Gloves in Stock for TDA Member Dentists

Feb 11, 2021

You may be affected by the current glove shortage. TDA Perks Supplies can help. Gloves and other supplies are in stock and available for TDA members to buy—and limits on some glove purchases have even been lifted for you.

The demand for gloves is higher than ever, while the supply is still struggling to catch up. Global supply chains for gloves are still strained, as manufacturers are impacted by COVID. Production has increased considerably in recent weeks. But global demand for gloves remains at an unprecedented high, due to increased usage among healthcare professionals and non-healthcare sectors alike.

TDA Perks Supplies has just gained access to large numbers of certain brand-name gloves—and have removed the weekly limit of 10 boxes of gloves per office on many types of gloves. For those gloves that are no longer limited, TDA Perks Supplies is confident that they can continue to obtain more supply. The cost of obtaining gloves remains extremely high, and may increase even further in the near future before they come back down. TDA Perks Supplies and their vendors have not increased—and will not increase—margins on gloves, nor on any product that is supply-constrained due to the pandemic.  They will continue to aggressively work to obtain the products TDA member dentists need to safely provide care.

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In addition, TDA is working closely with the Governor’s office and the Texas Division of Emergency Management in an effort to acquire gloves for TDA members and dentists across the state. We will send more information as soon as it is available.



TDA Perks Supplies has alcohol supplies in stock, and is not aware of any constraints on this item. 

There have been some shortages on syringes in the market, but some types are in stock and available through TDA Perks Supplies. Manufacturers have placed allocation limits on certain types of syringes.

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