Council on Legislative, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs (CLRA)

The Council on Legislative, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs (CLRA) makes certain that TDA has an effective voice in the legislative process and state government. It works with the legislative and regulatory affairs staff and TDA contract legislative consultants to implement the Association's legislative agenda and maintain positive working relationships with legislators, state officials, and allied professional groups. In conjunction with component societies, the council informs members about governmental actions and mobilizes the TDA's grassroots organization. The council also works with regulatory agencies to help ensure a competitive marketplace for dentists and quality dental care for all Texans.

Dr Matthew Roberts
Chair (Crockett)

Dr Jay Adkins
Member (Lubbock)

Dr Paul Kennedy III
Member (Corpus Christi)

Dr Lee P. Oneacre
Member (Carrollton)

Dr Debrah Worsham
Member (Center)

Dr Charles Miller
Member (Fort Worth)

Dr Duc “Duke” M. Ho
Consultant (Houston)

Dr Mark Peppard
Consultant (Austin)

Dr Michael P. Najera
Consultant (El Paso)

Dr Varun P. Joseph
New Dentist (Plano)

Dr Ralph A. Cooley
DENPAC Liaison (Houston)

Julia Martin
Alliance Member (Arlington)