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September 27, 2024

Texas Dental Association: Helping Every Member Succeed

TDA connects dentists with each other, with patients, and with resources for life and career. TDA is a professional membership organization for dentists, and the 3rd largest state dental association in the US. The TDA is part of a tripartite affiliation with the American Dental Association at the national level, and component societies at the local level. The Association has more than 9,200 members, and is composed of 26 local component dental societies, grouped into 4 divisions across Texas.

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ADA Files Amicus Brief at SCOTUS

Jun 13, 2024

ADA Fights for Insurance Reform at Supreme Court

What’s happening:

The American Dental Association (ADA) and other health groups have filed an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court. They want the Court to review a Tenth Circuit decision on ERISA preemption of state laws for self-funded health and dental plans.

Why it Matters:

  • For patients and providers: Ensuring third-party payors follow state laws on health and safety is crucial. ERISA plans claim they are exempt from these laws.
  • Legal clarity: The Tenth Circuit ruling contradicts the Supreme Court's Rutledge decision, which limited ERISA's preemption of state law.
  • Potential confusion: Without Supreme Court intervention, the Tenth Circuit decision could undo the clarity provided by Rutledge. ERISA plans might continue to evade state laws on benefits and services.
Additional Insights:
  • ADA’s stance: The ADA, supported by various dental and optometric groups, argues the Supreme Court needs to correct the Tenth Circuit’s misinterpretation of ERISA preemption.
  • Background: The ADA has long advocated that ERISA preemption should not extend to state laws unrelated to plan management.
  • Legal action: Due to ongoing ambiguity, the ADA sees legal action as the quickest way to resolve compliance issues between ERISA and state insurance laws.
  • Next steps: The Supreme Court typically decides whether to take up a case within 45 to 60 days after all briefs are submitted.
 For More Information:
The Texas Dental Association (TDA) champions state-level insurance reform, supporting Texas dentists. The ADA advocates for federal insurance reform, ensuring a fair system nationwide. Together, TDA and ADA protect and advance the interests of dentists and their patients.

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