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New Payment Options and Auto-Renew

TDA is excited to announce NEW PAYMENT OPTIONS for all members beginning with the 2017 billing cycle. Recently, the TDA Board voted unanimously to expand the current Extended Dues Payment (EDP) plan beyond the new dentist category (0-10 years out) to include ALL TDA MEMBERS! The EDP plan allows members to pay current year dues from January through October. Members can also choose a 3-month plan paying current year dues from January through March. To take advantage of the maximum number of payments offered, members must sign up by January 10, 2017.

Both plans will now be automated through TDA’s membership software, Aptify. TDA is also now able to offer AUTO-RENEWAL for all members! As you pay your 2017 dues you can choose to auto-renew for 2018.


Visit, login and then click on the “Membership Renewal” button. Once you have reviewed the mandatory and voluntary dues owed (Steps 1 and 2), you will come to a screen that allows you to enter your credit card information (Step 3 Order Summary and Payment). On the Order Summary and Payment screen (see example) you will see three options for renewal which are Pay in Full, Pay in Installments or Pay with Auto-Renew (in full or in payment plans). If you select an installment plan option, you will see the dates and payment amounts available (see example) for that plan.

Your 2017 Annual Dues Statement will arrive later this month. However, you don’t have to wait until you receive your statement - you can pay online today! Thank you for your membership in the ADA, TDA and your local dental society!