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TDA Classified Ads

Please click here to read this month's Classified Ads. 

Classified Ad Prices

PRINT: $60 for ADA members for the first 30 words; 10 cents for each additional word.

ONLINE: $10 a month (no word limit).  Online ads are circulated the 1st of each month. If you would like your ad to be placed online immediately (same day as submission) it is an additional one-time fee of $60. 

Please read about Classified Advertising here before placing your order.

To download an order form, click here, or use the online order form. 



Run Once: This option requires advance payment

Run Monthly: This option requires a credit card number that TDA will charge monthly until notified otherwise. Checking this option indicates permission to do so

Run Consecutively: This option requires full advance payment


30 words = $60.
Each additional word = 10 cents
Online = $10 a month

Please add up your total based on the rates provided in the form.