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Office of the Executive Director

The executive director is responsible for the leadership, human resources, and overall administration of the Texas Dental Association, and is the staff liaison to the House of Delegates, the Board of Directors, and the ADA 15th Trustee District Delegation. In addition, the Office of Executive Director is responsible for setting the strategic direction and defining the culture of organizational excellence in which the TDA operates on a daily basis. The human resources director administers TDA’s employee benefits, which entails reviewing the personnel policy manual with new employees; enrolling employees in the insurance and retirement plans as they become eligible; processing leave requests and payroll; and overseeing the retirement plan.


Linda Brady, CAE
TDA Executive Director
  Donna Cortez
Executive Affairs Manager 
  Terry Cornwell
Governance Manager
  Marissa Gamez
Project Specialist 


Member Services & Administration

This department oversees member service programs, all membership functions as well as administrative and building management activities of the Association. The member services component consists of the peer review program, the ethics and judicial program, the third party resolution program, the contract analysis program and the TDA website, publications, and communications of the Association. The membership component consists of maintaining all membership data, dues billing and managing recruitment and retention efforts and leadership programs with the Council on Membership and the New Dentist Committee. The director also serves as membership liaison to the ADA and TDA’s 26 component societies.

Lee Ann Johnson 

  Debrah Rogers
Program Manager

Billy Callis
Managing Editor


Paul H. Schlesinger
Systems Administrator/
Technical Support
  Rachael M. Daigle
Membership Coordinator
Stefanie G. Clegg
Web & New Media 


This department manages the finances of the Association; TDA Holdings, Inc.; TDA Financial Services, Inc.; TDA Member Benefits, Ltd.; Paid Dental Benefits, Inc.; the TDA Relief Fund; the Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation; and Texas Missions of Mercy, Inc. Financial information is conveyed through monthly statements and various reports. Income and expense for each department, council, committee, and affiliate is recorded daily. A close working relationship is maintained with the TDA secretary/treasurer who is kept informed of all financial activity. 

DeeDee Delagarza, CPA
  Barb Carlson
AP Accountant
  Arlene Knox
GL Accountant 

Membership Meetings

The department is responsible for the organization, coordination, and annual session council support of all planning functions and on-site logistics for the TEXAS Meeting. This includes negotiation of contracts for speakers and general contractors and preparation of materials for marketing and promoting the TEXAS Meeting, TDA’s second highest source of non-dues revenue. Other activities include the management of exhibit sales, solicitation and acquisition of sponsorships to support TDA meeting activities, training of host societies and volunteers, contracting for meeting facilities, hotel room blocks, off-site tours, and social event facilities. In addition, the department is responsible for all hotel and meeting needs of the Association, including the coordination of 15th District delegation activities at the American Dental Association annual meetings.


Bre Binder

Director of Membership Meetings

Lauren Beeman
Meeting & Exhibits Coordinator


Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

This department seeks to preserve the integrity of Texas dentistry in the public policymaking arena. In addition to serving as staff lobbyists, policy experts, and liaisons for the Council on Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, the Council on Dental Education, Trade & Ancillaries, and the Committee on Access, Medicaid and CHIP, the department is responsible for monitoring legislation and regulations affecting dentistry. The department staff monitors the Dental Practice Act and rules of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, Health and Human Services Commission, Department of State Health Services, and other state and federal agencies. 

Jess Calvert
Director of Public Affairs
Diane Rhodes
Senior Policy Manager
  Rebecca O'Connor
DENPAC Coordinator /
Policy Analyst

TDA Organizations

TDA Perks Program

TDA Financial Services, Inc., an affiliate of the Texas Dental Association, manages the TDA Perks Program, which provides valuable benefits for TDA members. Its board of 10 of your peers investigates, evaluates, and then endorses quality products and services for TDA members that generate non-dues revenue for the Association through licensing royalties. Endorsed programs offer preferential pricing or privileges to TDA members. For money-saving additional information, please visit the TDA Perks Program website at or call 512-443-3675.

Donovan Osio
General Manager
Teresa Kim
Multimedia Communications Manager
Josh Epstein
Marketing Specialist


Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation (TDASF)

TDASF’s mission is to educate the public and profession about oral health, and to improve access to dental care for the citizens of Texas.

Judith M. Gonzalez
  Sara Harney
Missions Manager